Throwback Thursday: Driven 2013

Throwback Thursday with inside the Tunerworks Performance display at Driven 2013.



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Sublime Detail quickie on the Z

Took the Z over to Logan and Sam at Sublime Detail in Airdrie, Alberta to get it ready with all the nice weather we’ve been having.  I’m a little gimped for a few weeks and she needed more than a hand wash this time around.

Courtesy of F&%^ING CALGARY DRIVERS… What cereal box did you get your F&%^ING drivers license from?….. I need to visit TomcoPDR by the looks of it too….


Looking for Manaray MS-6 Center Caps

Still on the hunt for Manaray MS-6 Center caps! Made by RK Excel in Japan back in the 90’s and I would love to complete my set of wheels with a set of center caps, or even pieces of a set so I can get started! Picture below is them installed, click the picture for a larger parts only image.

JDM Parts or Car hunting? Let me know if you find anything and I’ll gladly pay a finders fee or buy them off you.


WANTED: Manaray Sport MS6 Center Caps



Motorhead Hill Climb Japan (1080P)

Ryan from forums found this great video and posted it this morning, what a great video for a Christmas Eve volume crank up!

Motorhead Hill Climb Event Japan Sponsored by Recaro

Vehicles featured in this video;
Team Studie (Studie AG) Super GT BMW Z4m
Original Classic Ford GT40
Toyo Tires Trust Greddy 35RX Spec-D Nissan GT-R (R35)
HKS GT600 Nissan GT-R (R35)
Dunlop Subaru STI
Arai Motorsport Subaru WRX STI Spec C

More to come soon! Takes a little to navigate through their site but I will make sure to share their awesome content with you the viewer, send your comments if you want to see more of something!


Cash & Coding

I wish more and more that I did not slow down on coding and programming, and guys like Marcus over here don’t help me ease off on myself one little bit!   Marcus Perrson from Sweden, made Minecraft, a decently simple looking game that you break blocks apart on, I’ve never even played it…. but apparently the general public loves it. So much that Microsoft paid the man $2.5 BILLION dollars to buy his company that made the game.  What do you do with $2.5 billion bucks?  Well he bought a $70m house to start, check this pad out! Shove a Bugatti, Morgan, rare movie memorabilia and more all in and BAM, ballin’ outta control!

Looks unassuming right? Click the hop for more pictures and a video!