WANTED: Manaray Sport MS6 Center Caps

Manaray Sport MS6 Center Caps

Matching sets preferred but not required, get me somewhere to start! There is a hex removal tool not pictured in the image below, I would like to get that as well. Premium price can be paid for new/old stock caps, but I am interested in used items as well, working with nothing right now and that is never fun.  There are a few styles of MS-6, some of them have 10-lug holes with a much smaller center cap and a badge on the spoke, this is not the correct style for my MS-6’s.  They are manufactured around 1994-1996 generation, likely much longer due to all the variants but I really don’t have a lot of info on hand.

Are you an old wheel guru? Got Manaray info you can share? Please do! I don’t know much about RK Excel or Manaray, would appreciate any other information that is out there that can be shared.

R.K. Excel ManarayR.K. Excel Website

Maruka Service (Parts Dist. in Japan);
Current Manaray Sport Wheels
Production End Manaray Sport Wheels

Looks like they sell motorcycle wheels only now, you can see some information in the history section about auto and truck wheels so it is the right manufacturer but they just don’t seem to show their heritage in the auto/truck industry which is odd for a Japanese company is it not?

In any event, if you have any leads on these or if you see wheels/sets of wheels for sale with these style of center caps, please let me know, any information is greatly appreciated. Even if you want to share you pictures of your Manaray’s, send them in I would love to see them!

Thanks for the support everyone, keep sending your feedback!

Manaray Sport MS6 Center Cap Pieces

Manaray Sport MS6 Center Cap Pieces

Manaray Sport MS6 by R.K. Excel in Japan