’86 Grand National

Grand National

1986 Buick Grand National (WE-2)


Factory Rated 235hp @ 4000rpm / 330ftlbs @ 2400rpm
1 of 30,022 Buick Grand National’s Produced
1 of 5,512 Grand National’s Produced in 1986
1 of 441 Canadian Grand National’s in 1986
1 of under 100(??) T-Top Canadian Grand National’s in 1986

Performance & Engine Modifications

Stretch Intercooler
Precision PT61 Turbo
TurboTweak Chip (50#, Street 93 20/18 15-17psi, 5.5/836)
Casper Cam Sensor
Casper TPS Sensor
Scanmaster 2.1
RJC Brass Adj. Boost Controller
MSD Plug Wires
MSD 50lb Injectors
Walbro Fuel Pump w/ Hotwire
Kirban Fuel Pressure Regulator
3″ DP into full exh. w/ Flowmaster Mufflers
Unknown 4 core radiator w/ single fan
Black Silicone Vacuum Lines
ACDelco 75PS Battery
A/C Delete w/ 060620 Belt

Suspension & Drivetrain Modifications

Tubular Front Control Arms
Eibach Lowering Springs
Tokico Blue Shocks
Energy Bushings
Kirban Rear Seat X-Brace
Redline 75w90 Rear Diff Fluid
Superior Transmission Super Servo (K014)

Cosmetic & Styling Modifications

Metal T-Top Inserts w/ Seals

Web Links

Hagerty Insrance Classic Car Price Guide
~$22,916CAD avg, $15.3-48.3k+, for ’86 WE2 as of 03/2015
Link 1 (US,  1986 Guide), Link 2 (Canada, 1986 Current Value)