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Way Past-Due Superduty Update

Well the Superduty has undergone some changes since it was posted last. The black XL front and rear bumpers along with the grill, no thanks to an idiot but that’s another story.  Calgary Powder coating coated my new bumpers the closest match to white they could find and I think they did pretty good don’t you?  Along with a new mesh grill that I am still undecided on about painting,  rock guarding or leaving gloss.

Excuse the filthy truck

You can purchase the grill here, for under $300 it was a steal compared to the other brands out there! Attached a few other styles as well.


Alradco 6.4 Radiator Installed with Fluidampr & Gates

Been a while since my last update so I thought I’d post some progress on the good ol’ Ford 6.4 Powerstroke.   As some may know who own the vehicle or are in the industry, the 2008-2010 Ford superduty’s are plagued with coolant leaking issues, whether it be from o-rings on hoses or the radiator, they both are common and both need attention on this vehicle.  I have had my fair share of issues as well and have done everything I can in my power to make it the best and most reliable it can be, so let me share that with you!

After going through two stock Ford radiators and one VistaPro aftermarket warranty (luckily 1 month before warranty ended on it), I had almost had enough of the bullsh** and went to trade the truck in. Mishimoto had been constantly sharing misleading information for the delivery of their solid aluminum radiator to the point they told me it shipped but it never arrived at the are house for THREE months, yes 3 whole months AFTER they said it had shipped it arrived, HORRIBLE!  That is when Peter C. from AlRadCo LLC contacted me about the 6.4 replacement radiator they were working on.  After a little bit of back and forth I figured I would keep the truck as I love the power and give Alradco’s radiator a shot. Here is some prototype pictures