Way Past-Due Superduty Update

Well the Superduty has undergone some changes since it was posted last. The black XL front and rear bumpers along with the grill, no thanks to an idiot but that’s another story.  Calgary Powder coating coated my new bumpers the closest match to white they could find and I think they did pretty good don’t you?  Along with a new mesh grill that I am still undecided on about painting,  rock guarding or leaving gloss.

Excuse the filthy truck

You can purchase the grill here, for under $300 it was a steal compared to the other brands out there! Attached a few other styles as well.

Somewhere along the path it received some 1a Auto Manual Tow Mirrors, blew up a oil tube and finally received a powder coated black  Alradco Intercooler to help keep the temps down… next summer now I guess hey Peter? 😉 Yes I know I need I still have the stock intercooler piping, all on the list for a poor soul with too many projects, feel free to send donations to help speed things up!


Next up I have some audio upgrades planned with Mobile Solutions of Calgary as they are the best in town and already got the itch started by getting some Audison Prima APX 6.5 Front Speakers over to me to replace the more than worn out stock units. Again, donations accepted to help speed the process up!

Stay tuned for a brand new, old project! Older than me at least….
(again donations accepted to help pay for project! 😉 )

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