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Sublime Detail quickie on the Z

Took the Z over to Logan and Sam at Sublime Detail in Airdrie, Alberta to get it ready with all the nice weather we’ve been having.  I’m a little gimped for a few weeks and she needed more than a hand wash this time around.

Courtesy of F&%^ING CALGARY DRIVERS… What cereal box did you get your F&%^ING drivers license from?….. I need to visit TomcoPDR by the looks of it too….


Awesome Z32 300ZX Compliation on YouTube


Soon: WINfactory Dual Hood Strut Kit Installed Pictures

WINfactory Dual Hood Strut Kit Installed Pictures Coming Soon!

Provided by DrivenAuthority.com

UPDATE: Slightly held up by battery interference issues, fixing soon!


Z getting ready for spring!

Big thanks goes to out Jed and Hunter from http://mobilereflections.ca/ for their hard work on getting the 300ZX ready for spring! Full information on the polish job to come. The Z now sits with Darren and AJ from http://www.thompsongraphics.com/ for some paint protection film love.